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New to LTT, love the idea, young, intelligent, humorous and has a lot of GREAT information.


That being said, I believe I heard him mention, although I could be very wrong, memory isn't what it was, during a Chinese Cell phone review that he had an app that would tell him "whats REALLY under the hood."


If I recall correctly it was a Play Store downloadable app that he ran and it queried the RAM, ROM, CPU etc. then gave him an on screen report of it all including how many "cores" the CPU was actually hosting and which ones were running at what clock speed etc.


Additionally it seemed to query the RAM (?) and report back what it actually was, despite the fact that the ad said (for example) 64GB, and the phones 'settings' said 64GB, but the chip that was installed was only capable of a maximum of being an 8GB.


Regardless of whether I saw this on LTT (which Im pretty sure I did), can any one recommend an app like this?


I do my best to research my own hardware pretty well before I buy, but every now and then my sister will bring me one (I won this at a work contest) or my brother will buy one (he stays up WAY too late watching Facebook ads, or a friend will email me "the most incredible deal Ive ever seen!"


And so when they include me AFTER the fact I'd like to be able to let them know whether they need to return it or not.


Any and all ideas appreciated.






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Could it be Aida64 or CPU-Z for Android that you're talking about?

I have not used either app extensively so I don't know for sure if they have these features.

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