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I am trying to make a gaming PC built inside of an old 1979 Millennium Falcon toy, I was looking at different cooling solutions due to the lack of space and limited air flow. It's possible to run a normal PC in it but I want to be able to do some gaming on low spec hardware (No overclocking) I was looking at water cooling as a good solution but the rads are too big for the case and I don't thing that it will get enough airflow from normal fans for the PC not to run too hot. I have attached a picture of the back as this is where I am planning to add the fans.


Thanks for any advice in advance.


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I'd probably go with the new Athlon APU w/ vega APU, or a R3 2200G. It'll probably be decently easy to run thermal-wise.

I'd probably get an Engine 27 or a Zalman CNPS2X (I have one of these cooling an old Haswell i5 office PC and it's silent), and cram as many 40/60/80mm (whichever fit) case fans inside the case as possible.

Though I don't know where you'd put a PSU, unless you get a board that supports external PSUs, which only ASRock makes for intel.

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