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    Sweetleek-ops (I was a consol plab now im PCMR)
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    Programing, binary , Linux , Kernel , Old computers , Fix pc problems.
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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    Gigabyte B350 ITX
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    AMD HD 7950
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    Fractal Design Define Nano WINDOW
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    Sharkoon Skiller mech blue
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    Sharkoon drakona
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    Kingston Cloud 2
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    WINDOWS 10

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  1. sorry to nit pick here, but in the video @6.25 you say, "Okay that is a lot of wide open ventilation on the bottom hey " uu sorry WTF ?! Those intake fans look like the are covered up from what i can tell. MSI had a laptop about a year a ago that had overheating problems, in witch TechteamGB rightfully point that out, and then msi tried to "pay for his time " if he did publish the video. The reason i'm point all of this out is becas. It looks like MSI did learn from their mistakes (going off what i can see in the showcase and what the have on the website), and i also find it in por
  2. Hi all, TL:DR = Look for fun/interesting programming challenge to do during the summer break. To sharpen my skills during summer break i want work on my programming. But have a hart time getting started because i can not come up with a fun/interesting project to do. And while looking around i can't really find inspiration and building a ether "twitter" or chat apps get kind of boring once you done it. So i was hopping some can point me in a interesting direction. (im currently doing freecodecamp but it does not scratch that programming itch) Prog
  3. Yes, You also need to look at latency referred to as "Column Access Strobe (CAS Latency)". TL:DR if you don't go for extreme OC than you wont see any real ban fits. Here hes a explanation form TQ
  4. highend cards normaly hold moste of thare value even years efter realease. so maby around $700+ depending on card and condition but then again i don't have a cristobal
  5. what port are you using and version / what das your laptop support / what das your monitor support with the input your using. your GPU may support up to 5000x5000 but if you use VGA it wont work
  6. Look at open VPN the are realy good. not to mention free and easy to use. ltt made a video about it
  7. i'f your not used to server hardware / software. And is sensitive information that you can't lose. just go for a Netgear or Synology nas: the are very noob freandly and yet gif you a lot of control. the are a bit pricey do a round 300/400 euros with out any drivers. your looking for at least 2 drives to run in raid 1. if you need more coppecty (20TB) your need to look at 4 and up.
  8. YES thats even a litte to good to be truw v3 is socket 2011-v3 so DDR4 and 10 cores the price you're gone pay is more like V1 so socket 2011. Make sure you test every thing.
  9. ..... Maybe look for a 8120, but the upgrade wont really be notesabol. you're better of saving your money and wait for a platform upgrade
  10. yes you wil keep your files, even if its the same drive. if you have a C and D partion on 1 disk, you can format the C part of the disk and the D part is still intact.
  11. Ryzen cpus so non apus need a external gpu to function* The PSU is a bit expesif for your use. *some motherboard fenders allow you to run in "headless" mode. The asrock B450M is one such motherboard. just noted that you still need a gpu to set every thing up. and if you need to trouble shoot you need the gpu. So keep that in mind.
  12. Don't scare the guy awe with this BS talk. yes even do it can happen but you make it seam like their are people crawling for targets. If you have a up to date machine the chance of this happening is small to non existing. And also you say he has to little experience yet your gone recommend to use AWS are a other cloud offering witch will be more difficult and expensive. maar als mede holland weet ik dat we we er van uit gaan dat het een nuclear explosie was maar het bleek uit eindelijk een rotje te zijn even if you get 1000 people on the Ip that das not metter what
  13. Yes and NO here are two LTT videos on the topic. The resson you ask this question, i will highly recommend not to do it.
  14. Yes un les you update your motherboard in the last wile or it sat "ready for 2000 Ryzen" you will need to use a 1st gen ryzen to update the motherboard. If you dont have a cpu you can use you can get a lone sampel form AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/pa-100
  15. Did you already do the upgrade for 2000 series Ryzen cpus?