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  1. Vostok make a few 24hr watches, and I do love me a Vostok. You'd be looking for one with a 2431 movement, like this one. Also, with 19mm lugs it's probably not going to be easy to find a decent FKM strap.
  2. I usually go for either Merrels or Columbias. They're normal looking, waterproof, comfortable for extended periods, have good grip even in snow. I have a pair of Merrel Moab 2 GTXs right now, they have very good grip and they're Gore-tex (waterproof and breathable), though I switched out the insoles for Superfeet Merino.
  3. Aww that's a massive shame you're allergic to chrome. So you can only really have veg tan leather, in terms of leathers. With shark skin it doesn't really get damp, so to speak, it wicks moisture quite readily. Basically what you'd expect from the hide of an aquatic animal, it doesn't absorb water (as long as the backing of the strap is also made of water resistant material). I'd probably suggest FKM rubber then, a good place to get FKM rubber is actually Aliexpress, since most strap makers massively overcharge for FKM straps that are basically just re-branded Chinese straps. Tell me if you're
  4. I imagine they should be obtainable in continental Euroupe, but you'll probably have to look harder to find smaller shops (I get a lot of mine from a pretty small-time store, they have the best prices and a pretty good range). I think a Fleurus shark-hide strap would fit your Navygraf quite well; it's a French made strap that's made of water-resistant shark skin. And as for bronze watches, they might look quite tacky in the photos, but they do darken pretty quickly due to the fact that bronze oxidises quite readily. Hell, they might not even look that shiny out of the box, depending on how lon
  5. I like Yemas, I like French watches quite a lot actually. Though I haven't sprung for one yet. Have a LIP and a few Mortimas in the collection myself. As for straps, I know of a few European makes I really like (Fluco, RIOS1931, Di Modelle, Fleurus, Rosario Italy, etc) but I have no idea where you'd get them in Continental Europe.
  6. You could just not have a case, that's always an option in a super budget build.
  7. Well, I'm pretty sure I have the 1st revision because I bought my Liquid Freezer back when it was new (I remember the Gamers Nexus review coming out and buying it a few days later), but this shouldn't matter since my original fans were destroyed when a hotswap bay at the front of my case caught fire. Thankfully the fans shielded the radiator from the heat. I replaced them with the same fans I had before. As a side note, I lost the fan cable coming out of the pump, so the fans are actually connected to the CPU fan 2 header. One fan is a P12 PWM PST, another is just a P12 PWM. They'r
  8. Well, the fans I'm using are arctic F12 PWM PST fans. And I think those are capable of semi passive operation, so it might be why they can stop.
  9. My X570 Taichi can do this too. It'll stop any fan that isn't CPU Fan 1, if you set the RPM for that temp (which can be CPU or Southbridge temp) to zero.
  10. 20210724 224433-1-1.m4v Speaking of my Eco-Drives, this one has a very cool dial. Has a very cool black rainbow-starburst dial. Got this one at a local supermarket on clearance for like £130 a while ago.
  11. I have two Eco-Drives, one of them being like a decade old, and neither have needed any intentional charging. Like, I wear them like once a month, maybe less. They're in my watch box the rest of the time, though they do get a bit of light from the ambient light of my room.
  12. Nope, right handed. Though I usually use my phone with my left hand, but not much else.
  13. I dunno, I prefer it I guess. I've always worn watches on my right.
  14. I think I'm the only one who does, but I post a lot
  15. Ah yes, I'm assuming you do outdoors things. Not something I can do because I am very fat and I smoke thousands of cigarettes a year. I think one of my Gshocks have GPS navigation capabilities, though I have no idea how to use it.