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  1. Yeah, I've seen two versions, one with a sunburst green dial and one with a yellow dial. Both are over £250, which is far too much for me to justify for a basic quartz watch.
  2. yeahhh, a DW5600 is something I'm looking to pick up at some point. I'll buy a beat up one for cheap, and do the stainless steel mod on it.
  3. I saw that one, was tempted, but I want more pikachu on the dial if I'm buying a pokemon watch.
  4. You know, when I bought my RX 5700 back in Dec 2019, I didn't expect to make a profit when I sold it on after upgrading it.

  5. The armitron has that sheen Ssteel watches get when they're worn a lot. Mmm.. Nice...
  6. It is, aside from the loud ticking and the strap being a bit rattly and hard (especially compared to the resin stuff on the older GShocks), it's a pretty faultless watch. They even put a slightly domed crystal in it, which is something I really didn't expect from a GShock.
  7. Oh really? I first noticed their stuff a few years ago, so I just assumed they were new.
  8. If you're looking to start off, Aliexpress brands or Vostoks aren't a terrible place to start. If you give me any preferences on looks, budget, etc. I could fly you some recommendations. That American eagle has pretty rough brushing on the bezel eh. But it was $3.
  9. I seem to remember GameMax PSUs were pretty dodgy. I seem to remember them being over-rated by 50-100w on the label. But hey, they're a new manufacturer, so they may have improved. Their budget cases certainly aren't the worst on the market.
  10. I got the RAF gravitymaster with the same module recently. They tick pretty loudly, but they do everything you expect a GShock to do very well. The carbon fiber body is pretty nice too. Just shop around, you can get these starting at less than £220 (not the RAF, but the standard variants).
  11. I always thought the Omega Constellation was pretty neat around that price point, and there's also the Grand Seiko SBGM241 Toge which has a pretty fantastic dial too. There's a lot of nice choices around £5000.
  12. You know, I was on the fence about buying that watch or not, but after seeing the lume I might have to get one... Whenever their site is back up.
  13. Wow we have an actual watchmaker on here, that's pretty fucking cool. That's from a pocket watch, right? From before Hamillton became Swiss.
  14. Just put my old RX 5700 on ebay, with the auction starting at 0.99. Let's see how far it goes.