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Used Market build. What do you think?


I want to stream, play games at 1080p with a 240 hz monitor and do a bit of video editing.

-Case: InWin 909 Black

-Motherboard: MSI X99 GODLIKE

-CPU: Intel i7-5960X 8 core

-RAM: 64gb (4x 16gb sticks) G-Skill

-GPUs: 2x EVGA TitanX (Maxwell) in SLI.

-Storage System Drive: Intel 750 series NVMe 1.2TB SSD

-Storage RAID: 2x WD Black 6TB in RAID0

-Storage Extra: 512gb Samsung Evo M.2 and 1TB Samsung SATA SSD

-Power supply: Corsair 1200w with RED Cables

-Cooling: Custom hardline watercooling single loop that cools both the CPU and GPUs from EKWB (pump, waterblocks, fittings, tubing, and radiators). Radiator consisting of 1x 360mm, 1x 240mm, and an external MO-RA 360Pro radiator for additional cooling.

-Fans: 7x Thermaltake 120mm RING white LED series fans and 4x 240mm quiet cool fans on the external radiator.

-Windows 10 Pro

What would be an ideal price to pay for a system like this today? I think I've found a good deal on most of the pieces but want to see what the community estimates are on the overall build. This way I can determine if I should pay for them.

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Sure does look like a baller setup. I personally would ask about 1,000 USD for it. But beware of water cooling setup. Water cooling takes maintenance because it can become encumbered with blockage after a while. If he hasn't cleaned it recently, you may want to knock down the asking price. Make sure you are up to the task of maintaining a water cooled system as complex as this one before you consider buying it.

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