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Remove HDD Password (zu)

My experience!

Short summary written on my mobile.



Older hardware might work better, and choosing the correct hardware, bios settings and sata port is everything!!!



An HDD can have a password set in it internally that can not be removed with repartitioning etc. Its in the HDD firmware or something. This will remove that password.


Disks taken from PVR/TV boxes for instance might be password protected.


1. BIOS settings

Disable ACHI and set to IDE legacy mode.





2. Attach HDD

Attach hard drive to SATA port 0 on the motherboard.


3. Create bootable DOS USB

Create with Rufus and use Free Dos. Fat32 is fine.


4. zu

Download and put the zu.exe on the USB stick.


Download: zu.betta_fix_020813.zip


Alternative, check post 1 here: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14759


5. Boot USB
Boot the DOS usb stick and run the command:


zu /p

This took about 2 seconds for me.



I was able to hotswap disks also and run it on different disks without rebooting.


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