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Small arrow keys alternative

Okey, 1. of all sorry for my spelling i will probably have mistakes..

So, all the new laptops tend to have small arrow keys, the manufacturers cut the UP and DOWN arrow key on half and set them up so that they would take 1 key space.

like this:

РезÑлÑÐ°Ñ Ñлика за small arrow keys

I do a lot of programing and i really need full-sized arrows so i've found an alternative.

What i did was reprograming the NUMPAD so that keys 5 1 2 3 would act as arrows when NumLock is OFF (you can always turn the program off if you need {End}-on num1 or {PgDown}-on num3 for some reason)

i find this a good alternative and it easy to turn on or off, so what you need to do is:

1. Install AutoHotKey, you can do it here:

 -site: https://autohotkey.com/ , press "Download", and then press " Download AutoHotkey Installer " and just start the setup exe file,


 -directly start the download: https://autohotkey.com/download/ahk-install.exe and start the setup exe file

2. Once you have the setup file running u will get 2 options:

-1) Express Installation

-2) Custom Installation

my advice is to pick the 1. one, its the default version the other one has more access to some things, but i think its for serious programers or people who are familiar with the programe(autohotkey).

When you pick the Express Instalation, you wait for it to install and you can exit the setup.

3. Right-click on your desktop -> New -> AutoHotKey script, then name it as you'd like NOTE: it has to have extension ''.ahk''.

4. Right-click on your .ahk file and select "Edit Script", notepad should open up.

5.Type the following code into the notepad and save it


send, {left}

send, {right}

send, {up}


6. Run your programe by Left-clicking on it (the .ahk file on your desktop which you've just edited)


You are good to go..

You can turn your programe off by finding it on the lower right corner of your taskbar (it may be in hidden icons) then Right-click -> Exit

image.png.e32a925e9669c497363d40d2b46bc391.png-it's the 'H' icon.


*You can set any other buttons to do anything just check out the autohotkey sintax here: https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm

you will get it from the code where goes the name of the key whose function you want to change and where goes the name of the key whose function you want the 1. key to use... 


I hope i was helpfull with this, goodluck with the new decorational arrow keys :)

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make mistakes*

hahah, i wanted to say that my text will prb. have mistakes but i dont know what happened there..

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