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Co-Op Games for Niece


Hey LTT community, going from this topic I just posted: 




I am asking the community on what games would be good for a girl aged 8 and a half years. She plays Minecraft, Lego Worlds and Portal 2 (Portal 2 with only me) with me and my girlfriend. Occasionally I join her on Roblox, but my girlfriend won't touche Roblox, she calls it a bootleg Minecraft filled with music blasting kids LOL.


Here is the situation, in-case you don't read that link above. I have 4 gaming PCs at home, mine (GTX 1080), girlfriend(GTX 1070), streaming PC (GTX 1050 ti), and school laptop (GTX 950m). My family is very social and gathers here where I live every other weekend. Every weekend we have family over and sometimes my niece's cousins join us on Minecraft or her on Roblox. It is a blast with lots of fun and hilarity. Just watching other people struggle with Survival Minecraft (Her cousins only play Minecraft on mobile or game console and never survival). We all play with shaders, texture packs and other mods that improve UI and visuals (all 4 PCs run exact same mods and similar settings). Sometimes though, we'd like to play other games, but even finding co-op games for just me and my girlfriend is hard. I also want to mind the age restriction from 7-10 years old with an occasional teenager.


I want to ask you, the community, on what coop games are good for LAN or Online that allow 4+ players per team that aren't too violent.



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Portal Knights

Overcooked (Don't think it has online but is at least 4 player local co-op)

Sonic and All-stars racing transformed (Not exactly co-op but good family fun. Story mode may be co-op)
Move or Die

Duck Game




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