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Free Alternative to AME?

I work with video content on a daily basis, and my editing software doesn't like the filetype that my camera records in. I have been using Handbrake for the longest time, but want something that will be a little more of a time saver. AME looked like the best bet from what I have seen and read, especially from LTT's video, but you have to buy Premiere to get it. I would like software that is free and is able to automatically transcode files from a watch folder (LTT needs this too) into a mezzanine filetype, preferably AVI, MP4, or M4V. Thanks in advance!

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What you will end up finding if you look it FFmpeg but that has a command line interface which you will have to supplement with a gui now there are many different guis that can do many different things.


Here are a few of them if you want to look at them:



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