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  1. I would argue that the m50x is better, I had an older version of the corsair headphones and replaced them with the m50x and I must say that it was a huge difference. First the m50x is more comfortable and you wil have an easier time wearing for long periods. Second the audio quality is much better. And third you can use an upgraded dac later on for even better audio quality. for the m50x you are basically paying for the drivers. Where the void pro is drivers, transmitter and dac, which will cause the drivers to be cheaper than the m50x.
  2. I had an issue with my phone where Google services killed my battery. You could try turning off auto sync and see if that helps your problem. I turned off auto sync and my battery life doubled, it was a really strange bug that I have found no other solution to.
  3. Another option could be that there is too much sharpening going on in the monitor. you could look in the monitor menu and turn the sharpness down.
  4. it is above the resolution drop down in the same settings menu. It is a % try setting it to 100%.
  5. it does look like there is scaling in windows, maybe that could be causing it.
  6. That is very strange. There are only a few suggestions that I can think of try to re-seat the GPU in the slot. try a different driver version. see if you can get full GPU usage in a program like FurMark, or Unigine install afterburner and make sure no strange settings are set. none of those are in any order, lol sorry.
  7. I wen't ahead and tried that program and I got the same error, so it is the programs fault.
  8. How much system ram are you using while idle?
  9. I would try driver re-installation first. use DDU to clean it first. I had my titan flip out because it was using to new of a driver and everything was kinda like that, but also black and white.
  10. Maybe attempt to re-seat the graphics card, or maybe try ddu. Did you buy the card at a local store? if so then return it and grab a different one.
  11. I've used the g6 for a while and I really like it, the g6 is the smaller version of the v30 it is kinda like the v30 is the note series.
  12. I believe that the 770 has a 256 bit mem bus if that is what you are talking about
  13. just donate money to the IT department.