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AIDA64 - really low memory speeds

Hey guys,


I have a problem right here that makes my head hurt... a lot.


So I was wondering all the time why my PC is so slow (aside from it's age and shitty components) and today I figured out why after running AIDA64's memory benchmark.

I have 2x2GB of DDR3-1333 RAM in Dual Channel mode, so I should get around 21 GB/s read/write/copy, correct? I'm only getting 9-10 GB/s here in AIDA64.

I tried switching memory sticks around but that didn't help. CPU-Z is even showing me that I'm running Dual Channel mode, but these are single channel numbers, right?


My other hardware is an i3-540 & MSI P55A-G55. (Those are not the problem here though, right?)


When only booting with one stick of RAM, I get about the same numbers.


After testing some more, I consistently get 9 GB/s with one stick and 10 GB/s with two sticks. 



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