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i5-2500k and 2400Mhz ram; Should I underclock or send back?

I just bought a new set of ram (2x8gb Kingston hyperx beast 2400mhz cl11), but just learned they're not compatible with my 2500k sandy bridge. What's the best option?

I've got a msi mpower z77 motherboard if that's of any relevance.

Hope you guys have some suggestions, and thanks in advance!

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You only have two options. 


1 - Upgrade CPU

2 - Downgrade RAM


I'd say go with #1.



Edit: Added #3 - Underclock RAM


Go with #3.

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I should be able to lower the timings if I underclock, right? If so, what am I aiming for?

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why would you say they are not compatible?


to be honest very few processors are actually rated with memory speeds above 1600MHz.


just remember you will most likely need 1.71V-1.72V to have this memory run at 2400MHz, not 1.65V like XMP suggests


I have faith in the z77 mpower and 2500k running this ram at its rated speeds.


the second xmp profile is set @ 2133 cl 11.


you wont get cl10 unless you drop back to 1866

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