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  1. I should be able to lower the timings if I underclock, right? If so, what am I aiming for?
  2. I just bought a new set of ram (2x8gb Kingston hyperx beast 2400mhz cl11), but just learned they're not compatible with my 2500k sandy bridge. What's the best option? I've got a msi mpower z77 motherboard if that's of any relevance. Hope you guys have some suggestions, and thanks in advance!
  3. My initial thought was about how I liked, I felt I was able to control the grenades / weapon recoil / movement better in 1.6 - it somehow felt more 'tight', and it wasnt restricting my skills.. Both Source, GO, BF3 and COD feels limiting, which I think is due to implementing more realistic mechanics, and now Im asking this question: Is simple arcade mechanics better suited for eSport than more realistic mechanics? If so, could this be because of the keyboard and mouse being relatively simple input devices?
  4. simonh

    New Mouse

    Well, I'm not sure of the correct technical term (al though suoy calls it "a form of negative acceleration" in my previous link), but I'm guessing it's simmilar to terminal velocity (if you're familiar with physics?) :) EDIT: Actually, come to think about it, it's not quite the same... maybe such a term does not exist? In fact, this seems pretty specific ( i was looking for a better word, but couldnt find it) to mice, guess we'll have to invent one for now! ;) - I'll try asking my physics teacher about it sometime today
  5. simonh

    New Mouse

    Actually the Zowie Evo has a max tracking speed of 1,52 m/s or 60 Inches Per Second :) - I also just realized that the ikari has a Max tracking speed of 1,3 not 1,5 m/s Edit: I found this: http://www.esreality.com/?a=longpost&id=1265679&page=4 , while searching for the term "Perfect Control" It would seem that when you hit speeds between the max tracking speed and the malfunction point, you continue turning but at the Max Tracking Speed. At least that's how I understood it.
  6. simonh

    New Mouse

    Can you try to answer what happens when moving at speeds between the max tracking speed and the malfunction speed?
  7. There is no retailer in Denmark that even comes close to kompletts pricing.. - dear god things must be cheap in Norway! :O Anyway, from first hand experience I can tell you that the Quickfire and 6gv2 feels very much alike, and the Quickfires do come with backlit keys! :) However, I also switched from a g15v2 (still have it, and it's still functional) and though the 6gv2 does feel even more solid than the g15 (Feels like harder plastic), you're gonna have to look hard and long to find a keyboard more resistant to liquid than the g15 :P
  8. simonh

    New Mouse

    Hmm.. if the a3090's are all the same, will they live up do my demands? They seem to indeed be without accel/prediction, but what about my fast swipes?Here's the Zowie Evo Specs from their official website: Color: Black only Coating: Full rubber paint DPI (Dots Per Inch): 450/1150/2300 Frames Per Second: 6,400 Inches Per Second: 60 Max. Acceleration: 20G USB report rate: 1000/500/125 Hz Connector: USB Buttons: 5 Length of cable: 2m/6.6ft Weight without cable: EC1, 97g - EC2, 93g. Dimensions: EC1: 128 x 43 x 62-70 mm / 5 x 1.7 x 2.44-2.76 in EC2: 120 x 40 x 58-65 mm / 4.72 x 1.57
  9. simonh

    New Mouse

    @TobyI'm pretty sure the avarage pc-user and any "non-fps"-gamer wouldn't notice, as they rely on hand-eye coordination rather than muscle memory :)
  10. simonh

    New Mouse

    Thank you! It might be strangely worded, but Im pretty sure I havent stated that I wanted angle snapping anywhere.. (?)Anyway, do you know the Zowie AM's Inch Per Second / Meter Per Second, cause it isnt listed on their website? :)
  11. Sounds like you're danish! ;)Er selv kæmpe 6gv2 fan, men de er desværre ikke med lys. Prøv at smutte ned i din lokale Fona (el. lgn.) og prøv et par mekanisk keyboards med forskellige switches, så ved du hvilken en du bedst kan lide (Der er altid sådan nogle små huller man kan prøve dem i). Anyway, jeg fandt ud af at jeg bedst kunne lide røde, så jeg købte et 6gv2 fra komplett.dk (komplett er som regel en 100-200kr. billigere end Fona / merlin osv. ) og har ikke set mig tilbage. Jeg har en mate der ejer et Quickfire fra CM, de opfylder vidst alle dine krav (og kommer med alle swit
  12. simonh

    New Mouse

    Hello Guys! :) I recently got back into playing CS, but my current mouse is not capable of my playstyle, and here's why: Currently I have an Ikari Laser set at ~180degree pr. 45cm (without acceleration), but since the Ikari has a maxspeed at 1,5 m/s, it's impossible to make fast 180turns (When trying to do so, I experience negative acceleration, ie. it doesnt travel the desired distance). It's seems (al though I have NOT tested it, as I have no way to do so) that this is happening when I break the 1,5 m/s mark, and thus the mouse is not able to track properly. My question: - Which mi
  13. If its large (40+cm), made of cloth and has a reasonable quality, it's awin for me :) Currently it's a Qck+, and a towell as a wristwrest for my 6g :P
  14. Hi guys! I recently bought a pair of steelseries 7h for gaming and the occasionally latenight movie (so I dont wake my roomie) :P Anyway, I had read a couple of great reviews about the 7h and decided to buy it, as the USB version was on sale for about a 100$ (about 15-20% off). However, now that Ive gotten it I.. well I had read some comments about the headset easily breaking, but I was certain the just werent treating it properly.. but HOLY FUCK is that not a sturdy construction! Especially the earcup rotators feels like they would snap under lightes presure, and the headband doesnt feel l