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3dmark 11 stuck on Please Wait and crashing display driver.


Hello. I have Windows 10 . I have a issue with 3dmark 11. When i am clicking RUN TEST, there is an PLEASE WAIT pop up and nothing happening test is not loading. I am stuck on this. And system starting to slow, i cant open START menu,system is unresponsible and i have some delay lags in opening programs, i cant restart normally pc i must use hard reset. Where is a problem?

I check logs and this is DISPLAY DRIVER CRASHING. Here are screens:











My pc:
4790k stock no OC
16gb ram
Corsair 750 RM
Asus Strix 980 ti
Ssd Samsung Evo 850 250 GB

From what i know display driver crashing mean hardware fault right? But why it crashing display driver always when i am clicking RUN TEST ( test even not loaded )?
nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered - its an definitely hardware fault ?

I am surprised because i check on my pc with all diagnostic tools and no problems. Games are stable, no errors in sdd smarts and memtest86.

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O, jesteś z Polski. Jak miło. Zaktualizuj sterowniki, może to pomoże, jeśli nie spróbuj reinstalacji oprogramowania. Możesz spróbować także zmienić zgodność programu na Windows 7.

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