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Unusual ways to fix a GPU starring my OCD.

If the GPU fans sound loose or scratchy turn your computer upside down, taking special note of gravity making sure you don't have a hard drive go flying, undo the screws on the GPU till they are loose(without fully unscrewing them) and the GPU moves freely and sags downwards, redo the screws very tightly without stripping anything. When you flip your computer back over you should notice the GPU is higher, probably sagging less, turn on the computer and let the fans balance themselves again, they should be quieter. This is not the same as pushing the card up with your hand and screwing it in, the effect is much better, trust me I've tested it.
If the fan is making a clicking noise check 10 times for a obstruction, clean the fan and heatsink checking 10 more times for a obstruction. If you find nothing gradually increase the fan speed to 100% in 10% steps. Let it sit for 20 seconds somewhere between 70% and 100% you should notice the noise gradually disappear if not completely. Decrease the fan as low as it goes in 1 step. Repeat until clicking noise is very mild. Let the GPU idle now for a long time, it should eventually disappear.
If the fan after the above step does not quiet down, consider different mounting angles for the card, some just plug in and are silent, some need the upside down treatment, some are in between.
If the GPU is running hotter than everyone elses take special note of the conditions they are running it in especially the airflow configuration. If you decide your GPU should not be that hot, take note of the max temperature using something such as unigine valley for about 30 minutes, assuming you will void your warranty and thus cannot send the card in for any reason, remove the heatsink carefully and slowly using a star pattern, replace the thermal grease with something nonconductive(I used noctua NT-H1) using your favorite application technique, I spread mine because OCD, however applying the grease and allowing the heatsink to spread it has been found to be a good technique, tighten it down using a star pattern, do not overtighten it, you want it to firmly tight, but not wrath of god tight, basically turn it till it stops, give it a firm umph for another quater turn and stop, you will crush the GPU if you go too far, make sure your card is not bending, then replace the card and test for max temps again, if you like the temps enjoy, if you don't(like me) install fans providing the card with direct air flow, you can try across the card or directly into the card, see which one it likes, I used 2 120mm fans directly into the card about 3 inches from the card, take note of your temperatures if you like them, enjoy, if you don't create a custom fan curve taking into account your GPUs temperature while doing certain tasks, adjust the curve accordingly(you don't want it ramping up and down for youtube videos). If you are still not happy with the heat consider air flow optimizing your entire case.

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