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    Music, Gaming, System Building, Streaming, CAD/CAM, Silent PCs, I.T., all things VR
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    CAD Modeling, "sysadmin"/Systems Engineer


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    i7-8700k @5.1GHz
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    Gigabyte z370p-D3
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x 8GB 3000MHz
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    MSI GTX 1080 8GB
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    Corsair 760t
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    480GB SSD SanDisk, 525GB SSD Crucial, 2TB WD BLUE, 2TB WD RED
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    EVGA 650w SuperNOVA
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    Asus VG248QE (24" 144hz), Dell WFP 3008(@1600p), Vizio M437-g0 (@4k), Oculus Rift CV1
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    Cryorig H5 Ultimate
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    HyperX Alloy FPS Pro TKL (MX BLues)
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    Logitech G603
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    Sennheiser HD 6xx, AT2020, Scarlett 2i2, Fiio FH5 (Travel)
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    Windows 10 Professional
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    Macbook Pro 15" (2015): i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Radeon M370x

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  1. Because AMD has passed intel in gaming performance AND Multicore/synthetics, AMD is no longer the "value option". They're the performance option and can demand the price they charge now. If you want value, the i9 9900k is $299 at Microcenter, or buy last gen Ryzen.
  2. If I remember correctly, no. The link box is just to extend the range of the USB and HDMI cables, as standard USB 3.0 "maxes out" at 15 feet, and has stability issues over 12-14 feet. If you're using the wireless kit, both HDMI and USB are sent over 60GHz "wifi" and does not need the link box as the PCIe card for the wireless kit takes in the HDMI and USB signal via PCIe lanes and transmits it over an antenna. No link box needed.
  3. Adblocker and NAS: yes. Easily. Camera viewer and Network tracker: no... well it depends. I wouldn't trust a single rPi to run all of these services at once, but if the usage is small enough, I see no reason not to. Do you have any idea what you want to run specifically for each workload? (piHole for adblock, motionEYE for camera, etc)
  4. People have been trying to do this for years. If you just google "Best linux distro for _____" and fill in your workload, there are SO many options for most workloads, or obvious best choices in some cases. Need a firewall? PFSense, OPNSense, RedHat Routing, even just ubuntu with routing, DCHP and ARP tables on. Need to game? Manjaro, PopOS, Fedora, Ubuntu LTS... The list goes on, just google your need. EDIT: Also by posting a list of distros with workloads next to it, someone will probably say "bUt bRiNk, PoPOS iS bEtTeR aT gAmInG tHEn mAnJarO!!1!!" and get
  5. Yeah I know, but that's roughly what you can get depending on work type.
  6. ubuntu cybersecurity = Kali Linux, Red Hat enterprise... ubuntu AI = Manjaro, Debian, Fedora, Mint or any standard desktop environment really... "Workstation tasks" could be everything from CAD work to Videoediting to Dev/Compile to programming... The list goes on. And the truth is, further optimization of distros would get you... Maybe 3% increase? Most are already very well optimized for the workloads you've listed.
  7. Volume licensed keys are usually licensed from an MSP or Microsoft themselves. You'll never see them below $15/key until you start buying a few hundred at a time. As for gray market volume keys, look for Volume EDU keys. You'll probably have to contact sellers from /r/hardwareswap or something similar to find these. They're not publically listed for sale, you usually have to get them quoted.
  8. There's a few reasons they could do this: A handful of cards that have a fully pinned x16 slot use it as part of it's support bracket, just to make sure the card doesn't sag or cause stress around the PCIe bracket. Making it full length allows you to use the clip at the back of the connector, furthering the physical support from the motherboard. It's cheaper to modify an existing PCIe GPU "blank" board assembly line then to make a new one specifically with an 8x slot. As to why the second half of the card is pinned, dunno. I also have a theory that this could
  9. Because the card is physically a PCIe x16 slot card, it gets listed as that. If it's electrically limited to 8x, that is a technical stipulation that you have to confirm with the manufacturer. Most retailers won't clarify that.
  10. If you host a webserver at your WAN address, and properly port forward that webserver through your router, then yes, but I don't recommend it if you have a slow internet connection.
  11. IF THERE IS A SERVER at that IP address. You need something to HOST the website.
  12. So did you only buy the domain name, and no hosting option? If so, you have to host the webserver SOMEWHERE. The domain just points to an IP address where you host the website. That would be why you can't connect to it, there's nothing there.
  13. I have no idea. Can you give us more info on how you're hosting this domain?