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I need a very specific kind of laptop.


Recently I've been getting heavy into Game Development in GDevelop 5 making a 2D Mobile/PC Game.


I've run into an issue now where my current laptop just can't keep up with the assets and variables and starts to slow down in the engine, so I'm ready for a new one.

I have $500~

It needs to be Foldable/Flippable. Its just a personal preference for me because of how common folding and flipping and flexing my current laptop is in my day while using it.

It needs to be 13 inches (I'd go up to 15, but I'd rather not because I like my laptops small)

And of course, it needs to have a good CPU, to handle GDevelop. I don't care much about Storage because I'm probably gonna be swapping in my own Drive.

I do not care if its Used, New, Refurbished, Salvaged from your local Blockbuster, whatever, I'll consider it.

GPU is less important, my game will run fine on any Intel/Ryzen iGPU from the past like 7 years.


Here's my current Laptop and Specs if you need em:
HP ProBook x360 11 G3 EE Notebook PC

CPU:  Intel Celeron N4100 (Seems tiny but has been very mighty, at least getting into anything I throw at it)

RAM:  4GB DDR4 @2133mhz


GPU:  Intel UHD Graphics 600




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Lenovo is currently selling the 13-inch Yoga 6 for $545 if you want to get something new-in-box.


It has a 7th-gen Ryzen 5, so it'll be much faster than what you have now. 8GB of RAM isn't a lot, but it's still a lot better. The 512GB SSD is icing on the cake. The Yoga series is still generally the gold standard for 2-in-1s.


I'd have suggested an HP x360 model, but all the new ones I see are either too large or Chromebooks.

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