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Positive Feedback - Great job LTT Store Customer Support Team

I am a firm believe in honest feedback, so when something does not go so well, I will complain, but when something meets or exceeds my expectations I think it is important to remember to give positive feedback just as often.


In this case I purchased a LTT backpack and screwdriver from the UK with a good deal that offered free shipping with a retro screwdriver. This was important to me as with taxes in the UK it was already a pretty expensive puchase.

When I made the purchase the shipping was added as I had not picked the 'right' screwdriver version - techically my fault, but also the UX for the store was not great here as it was not very clear that the offer did not apply with the choice made. 


Anyway I queried it with customer support and they gave me a refund for the shipping and also a refund for the UK taxes which got charged twice (due to admin limitations I understand).


Anyway - the overall feedback is 'great job customer support team'. Nice to see a company quickly and efficiently solve an issue, even in a case where the issue was at least in part the customer's fault. 




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Support is awesome. I had an issue with 3 pairs of LTT cargo shorts after owning them for about a month, with only a handful of wears the stitching had started to come undone in the back seam of the shorts. Quick email to support, they offered a credit, refund or replacement without return of the damaged goods. I really appreciate that kind of customer service. A lot of online retailers could learn a few things here.

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