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AM5 system can't reboot ONLY, can boot, just not reboot.

Chen G

weird issue I'm getting here with ASUS B650 Creator

so like the tile says, it can't reboot, if I reboot the boot status LED stops at yellow which indicates RAM initialization and nothing happens, forever.

but I can boot absolutely no issues. this means I can shut down and boot, I can force shutdown and boot, I can unplug the power and boot, no issues.

I can change my RAM settings, I can slow boot with memory retrain, or no memory retrain fast boot, all no issue.

as long as I don't hit "restart" in windows or BIOS, there are absolutely zero issues, it just can't "restart"


running latest BIOS, and I swear I could reboot like yesterday, I didn't change anything, but suddenly today, I can't reboot.



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Hello there,


     Given what you say, the first thing I would try would be to enter the BIOS and then go down to the bottom of the first page of the BIOS and click the default button returning everything in the BIOS to their default positition.  At least that way, you have eliminated the BIOS from the problem.


     Second thing I would try would be to do the same sort of thing to Windows.  There is a way to do just that but I don't remember what it is.  I think it is called "reset" or something similar.  Sorry, but that's all I can think of right now.  I'm sure there is someone here in the forums that can give you a better answer to your situation.


Take care and good luck.


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