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  1. yes I did, still wouldn't turn. I contacted EKWB they sent me a new one and I took my loop apart. The pump does turn just fine after I took it out, but I can feel the rotor has more resistance compared to the new one, no idea why. If I swap the rotors for the two motors then they have about the same resistance.
  2. I have one of those flat res/pump combo things from EKWB with a DDC pump on it, it’s only like 2 month old but a week ago it just randomly stopped working. It didn’t stop while powered on, instead it just suddenly wouldn’t start when I started the PC. I thought it was dead so I sent an RMA request to EKWB, I think two days later they got back to me saying I need video evidence so I took my phone, started recording, tried to show the impeller, turned on the PC, and the pump was working fine somehow. before this, I have tried many things in the previous two days, setting the speed to max in
  3. Update: I opened up my card and put hot glue between all the coils, the whine is definitely muffled but not as muffled as the stock Nvidial cooler. ==================================== I have a 2080ti in an otherwise dead silent build but the coil whine makes all that pointless. However here's an observation that gave me some hope, I had my hands on a brand new 2080ti FE and it has almost no coil whine. However after I took apart, put on my waterblock and stick it in my system, the whine is just as bad as all the other 2080ti I've had, seems like proof to me that th
  4. I would say there is, some games look worse in 4k for one very specific reason, for optimal image quality you want the sharpness of textures to roughly match the sharpness of geometry, because that's what happens with real life captured images. The level of detail in real world is infinite and you're only limited by capture resolution so everything will be equally sharp, that is, as sharp as your camera system is. However in games the sharpness of geometry is determined by render resolution where as the sharpness of textures is determined by the textures themselves. So if you have your ge
  5. It is 100% stable once booted, I can run everything I want, prime 95, memetest, you name it. Also how come it failes 100% the first two times, if it's just unstable it should at least be able to boot sometimes. I've been doing this for very long I know how to overclock, how to test for stability, what is or isn't stable, thank you. I have some much better guesses, it probably has something to do with the unusual setups I run. The X79 booted from a PCIE SSD, and the X570 now I'm running RAID0 from 2x970 pro. It probably fails because it booted before the array is fu
  6. Back in 2012, I bought a Gigabyte X79 motherboard, while it kept working and working for a very long time, and it still is working, it had this one quirky bug, to actually boot I must follow this exact procedure: Press power button Smash delete to get into BIOS, because otherwise it will fail to boot 100% Choose save and exit, or anything that will make the system reboot Smash delete to get into BIOS again, because again it will not boot if you don't Choose save and exist, again. This time it will boot 100% Yes I had to follow this procedure for 7 y
  7. No, it doesn't change at all because it doesn't need to, SDR content like the desktop or the browser still work in HDR mode like normal. In fact I can run an HDR and an SDR game at the same time.
  8. more expensive=better. It's not It's not 50% And it's common to not be able to use all the modules in a chip, you don't use 100% of the CPU either, even when it says 100%, that's just 100% of the execution unit.
  9. HDR setting does not change regardless of what game I run.
  10. Everything you can do in software is safe, that's why they let you do it without voiding the warranty. Also just in general, frequency alone does not really degrade chips at all, it's the current and temperature.
  11. but I put a water block on it... It's from ASUS BTW, if that makes a difference. I have RMAed a totally dead one from MSI before but I didn't disassemble and put water block on that one.
  12. I did a clean installation and now it works fine again. I'm still a little worried because I've had other 2080ti before and I've failed overclocks on them many many times, I don't ever remember seeing space invaders. It's always driver crash or the game itself starts to glitch out like MW would have a black hole expanding from the center until it cover the entire screen, those kind of software level stuff. full screen and system wide glitch like space invaders really worries me. Just to clarify, looks exactly like this: https://www.techspot.com/news/77445-nvid
  13. now I'm at stock clocks, but when I launch any game the display the game is on looses signal and I have to unplug it to get it back and the game will have crashed from some directX error.
  14. I have a 2080ti I got used, which worked fine but I had just experienced an instance of space invaders artifact and had to reset the computer. I was running a +1000 overclock on the VRAM but here's what I'm not yet clear on, what exactly causes the space invader artifacts? Can it happen purely as a result of unstable clocks, or does it always indicate a hardware fault?
  15. Those are just not the mainstream kind of fabric sleeve, it's a layer of clear teflon coat. CPU is around 55 for gaming and ~65 fo max load. GPU is just chilling, doesn't even go over 45. The PSU temp readings don't go above 50, I cannot flip it around for cable management reasons, that would make the back a lot more messy.