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A 2024 working fps unlocker for Genshin impact on PC


This is also exactly how phishing works btw.
Maybe make your thing not look like a phishing attempt by doing the least possible.
Only reason i think its not as bad, is because its a github link, but i'd advise to be HIGHLY sceptical before downloading.

Maybe explain something where it came from who made it how it works?

When i ask for more specs, don't expect me to know the answer!
I'm just helping YOU to help YOURSELF!
(The more info you give the easier it is for others to help you out!)

Not willing to capitulate to the ignorance of the masses!

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I didn't make it, and I've downloaded and tried it myself, it works perfectly without any issues. And I'd never share anything harmful with other people. I just wanna help out other people, who are frustrated with the 60fps limit in Genshin Impact, so they can have a better experience with the game.


It works by having the game installed first of course, and then opening the .exe file, and selecting the fps limit you want. There are also additional settings, which aren't necessary for most people. And the link to the file is from this Youtube video:



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