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LTT Magnetic Cable Management Unboxing and Initial Review

This written review is in complement to my video review on the product:


While steep, I decided to buy the LTT MCM home bundle in order to better managed failed competitor products that I used to secure the cable mess beneath my desk:



The product ships in discrete, unmarked packaging:



It is a little overwhelming with how much stuff is included with it. To the point that I would prefer to have at the very least a quick-start guide or QR code to scan for a simplistic walkthrough or some fundamentals to help prime those that don't watch the WAN Show to better understand how to make the most use of the product.


The magnets are really strong. Deceptive given their small stature. I found the 3M VHB plates were sticky enough to not warrant screws for my purposes... but time will tell how they hold up.


The magnets are surprisingly convenient... allowing you to detach and reattach as necessary, allowing for you to un-contort yourself when installing for better posture, reducing strain, cramps, etc. Something I hadn't even considered or realized before going through this experience first-hand.


I love the amount of subtly when it comes to their logo positioning on the product.


I only managed to address the biggest pain points in my cable mess so far, using a mere 2 cable tie holders, 2 small arches, and a handful of LTT cable ties. But it is enough to bring me peace for the time being. Will be looking to revamp everything once I get a little more time.


Here is what my desk mess looked like after using 2 cable tie holders, 2 small arches, and a handful of LTT cable ties (so imagine how much better it would look if I used even half of what all I received!):



I'm a fan, and if you can justify the cost of the product, I recommend it so far. I have yet to fully vet the product and intend on writing a follow-up after some time with the product to see how it copes against the test of time.

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