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Question for those with Games stored on a NAS.



I have a home server, proxmox as the hypervisor and truenas scale as a virtual machine.

Games are accessed through ISCSI block shares, using 2.5Gb speed network.

On the gaming machine, there is a 1/2 TB PCIE 3.0 NVMe I use as  cache.

I use this software to cache:  https://www.romexsoftware.com/en-us/primo-cache/


This is nothing special as I understand others are doing something similar.


The machine I play games on  has windows 10/linux dual boot

Windows for games only. Linux for all else.

So next year windows support ends and will have to upgrade to windows 11 if I want security updates and such.


For gaming,  DirectStorage is the benefit to upgrading now as I can see.

Presently there is apparently  not a huge number of games supporting it, but may change.


So who is using window 11,  with games on ISCSI cached using priocache?


How well does DirectStorage operate?


I did find this: https://kb.romexsoftware.com/en-us/2-primocache/66-is-primocache-compatible-with-directstorage






Main Machine: CPU: 5800X3D  RAM: 32GB  GPU: RTX 3080  M/B: ASUS B550-E Storage: 2 x 256GB NVME boot, 1/2 TB NVME OS: Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04

Server1:  M92p micro  CPU: i5-3470T  RAM: 8GB OS: Proxmox  Virtual Machines: Opnsense router, LXC containers: netboot server, download manager

Server2: CPU: 3600X  RAM: 64GB M/B MSI B450 Tomahawk  OS: Proxmox  Virtual machines: Windows 10, 3 x Ubuntu Linux, Truenas scale (16TB logical storage)

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