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I don’t understand please help


Okay, so this is a household with a few computers. 

yesterday, my brother said his computer wasn’t connecting to his monitor or keyboard and mouse. The computer will boot and all the fans and rgb turns on. I tested it on multiple monitors and power outlets, no dice. Today I swapped out his power supply to see if that was the problem, I got the exact same situation with a different power supply so I determined it was his mobo. 

so since I determined it was his mobo, I was going to let him borrow my home theater pc until we fixed his. So I plugged up my home computer pc, now it will only boot for one second then it turns off. So now I have two computers that don’t work. 

I went and got a voltage meter, his surge protector rings out fine at 120 volts. The wall outlets rings out at 120 volts. 

what am I missing here? What do I need to check that I haven’t?

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Check with different ram or one at a time. Also make sure the ram are in slots 2 and 4 only. On the right side from the CPU socket of traditional motherboards.


I had a dead ram stick and I would have no signal on monitor and keyboard and mouse unresponsive. Meaning no connection in your words.

First watercooled System

Build Name: Frost

OS: Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

Monitor: Alienware AW3423DWF 1800R Curved Ultrawide 3440x1440 QD-OLED 157hz 10 bit 0.1ms

Chassis: Lian Li 011 Dynamic EVO w/ 2x120mm Corsair QL RGB Fans on the bottom 1x120mm on back exhaust

Top Rad & Fans:  Corsair 54mm 360mm w/ 3x120mm Corsair ML Pro RGB Fans

Side Rad & Fans: Corsair 30mm 360mm w/ 3x120mm Corsair QL RGB Fans

Motherboard: Asrock X670E Steel Legend

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D w/ Corsair XC7 RGB Pro w/ Kyrosheet

Memory/RAM: Corsair Dominator RGB DDR5 2x16GB 32GB 6000Mhz

GPU: Asus GeForce RTX 4080 TUF w/ EK-Quantum Vector2 Nickel/Plexi & Backplate

Pump/Reservoir: Corsair XD5 RGB

Coolant: EK Mystic Fog

PSU: EVGA Supernova 1000w G3 w/ custom modmesh black & white cables from cablemod

Boot/OS SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB NVMe

WZ/2042 SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB

Game SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 1TB

Performance/Editing HDD: Western Digital Black 1TB

Storage HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB

Mouse: Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition/Razer Mamba

Mouse Mat: Corsair MM700 RGB

Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma

Microphone: HyperX Quadcast

Headset: Razer Blackshark v2 Pro

Eyewear/Glasses: Gunnar Optiks Razer FPS

Camera: Razer Kiyo Pro

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Both computers have had different ram in them to check. But I now have two computers that are malfunctioning. Both were plugged into a surge protector that rings out fine but has somehow killed them. 

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Could be dirty power. There’s more to it than just voltage. 

If you moved the other computer over, I would reseat all the components first. Something like a slightly loose ram stick can make it seem dead.

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