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    PC's, Gaming, Overclocking, PC Hardware, DC comics, TV Shows and Movies, Space, Cats, Smoke
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    Space & PC Enthusiast
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    EMT/Microcenter Builder


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    I7 7700k OC 5.0GHz Delidded 1.33V
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    EVGA Z170 Classified K
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    HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz 32GB 4x8GB XMP
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    EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 8GB OC +130 GPU Clock +250 Memory Clock
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    EVGA DG-87
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB | Samsung 850 PRO 256GB | Western Digital Black 1TB | Western Digital Blue 1TB
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    EVGA 1000W G3
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    AOC CQ32G1 32" Curved QHD 2560x1440 VA 144Hz 1 ms
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    EVGA CLC 280m CPU Cooler
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    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
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    Hyperx Cloud II
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I do have D.O.C.P. set at 3200mhz (which what my memory is on box) and 1600 flck
  2. Yeah, I did set that in bios. I don't use ryzen master anymore just HWinfo for things like that when testing, which I read is accurate as of last update. I can say my system boots faster then spinning windows loading 3 times.Now don't even see it spin before desktop like when I had my intel, which is nice to see or not see I suppose. Hah. Will keep trying voltage things just slowly not to damage anything I never overclock this chip as setting frequency or voltage I just kept offset for lower temps for higher clock boosts. Cinebench score went up about 200 or so points so some benef
  3. Yes I do stream and game from one system I'm 1usmus power plan (Performance I guess cause its 99%min-100%max cpu) I'll try ryzen performance too and yes that sounds like an excellent program. Will be getting that. Thanks for the information too. For the heavy load and light load, appreciate it, Makes more sense that way. Yes, about the offset I think releasing a little will give me better performance I may holding it back. I do have a nice cooler so might as well.
  4. Right well since post I've ran prime 95 small fft for about 30 minutes and occt all sets 20 minutes each and about the same as previous. About 4.1-4.25Ghz. So in game should be about the same I assume due to 4.2 constant in most games. I am wondering however if the offset on the Vcore would mess with the boost clocks with what i have changed and adjusted in the bios?
  5. So I was reading a article today that I realized I didn't have any AMD power plan options so as of now I've updated AMD chipset drivers and my motherboards bios. Now I have 4. I've done this; - .10 offset vcore, cause I've always had that since build. After reading this this is where I'm at. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/1usmus-custom-power-plan-for-ryzen-3000-download.html I'm now using that power plan with these bios settings Global C-state Control = Enabled Power Supply Idle Control = Low Current Idle CPPC = Enabled CPPC
  6. You can always set 0.1 offset does wonders on my 3900x when idle. Ramps up and boosts fine in games with temps in check always.
  7. You can offset - 0.1 works wonders on temps and voltage.
  8. Kraken I hear is good never experience with it though. EK-AIO is really good as well. Forgot about that one. I've had the EVGA, EK and a deepcool. For me though (different situations depend) the EK and EVGA were about 5-8c difference on a delidded i7 7700K OC at 5.0ghz at 1.33v idle around 30c, under full load never hit above 65c.
  9. I have a 360mm clc from EVGA. I think it's very good. I did change fans for corsair ones though. I had the 280mm in my intel system. They do have a 240mm if you'd like to look into those.
  10. If you can wait I'd say wait. If you NEED it now then either way you'll be happy. as far as I know there is no confirmed 4000 series launch date. So as @marmour said. If you can wait do so. So you get the new. The B550 will work with them. Shouldn't be to much longer and if you can save a little more money while waiting, the better the CPU.
  11. Client side forge mods you can still use them normally as if they were on the server. If all players have the same mods. That's all I'm saying. Isn't it still if you make a forge server you still have to have the client side mods?
  12. You'll still have them and both players (or however many) will still see them on the server if both have the mods. However, I understand what you're saying.
  13. Maybe do a spigot server and have forge client side mods? Works well on the one I make anyway.
  14. Wait for 4000 series, close to release now. As the G series APU were announced. If you can wait. PSU on first build switch to RMx. Still all mix bag but I hear it's better to go with RMz series. Everything else looks fine. IMO
  15. Turn on around 60's only cool if i open msi afterburner with my OC fan curve active. Then it actually cool. Around 40-45c. Gaming always 72c-78c. Depending on game I'd need to use the OC profile or not. Fan curve is set up nice i think.