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  1. I'm not sure what that means, Haha, I'd like to stick with HyperX or some similar like I hear a lot about steelseries comparable. Well apparently Alpha S kills the cloud ll. About the flight S though seems like just a volume boost from his review of those. I just don't want to keep buying headsets. So indecisive, sorry guys.
  2. As in title and I don’t care about wired as I’ve been using cloud ll for 5 years. The leatherette started flaking so time to upgrade. I’ve ordered both of these headsets (as in I have them both but one needs to go back) and wondering if anyone are or have used these and know which on as the better sound. I hearing mixed reviews though. I hear flight S “surround sound” is not even a surround sound but a volume boost. The alpha S I heard on a review is much better than the cloud ll and bass adjustment is great and dual chamber drivers are something I think would be better. I have Dolby atmos to
  3. On subreddit hardwareswap. Yeah but I came just in case I would've make a bad purchase on 3060 Ti. I have titles that I do want RTX/DLSS on. Like titles I ahven't touched due to that reason. Control, cyberpunk (when bug free), like to see it in campaign on cold war. Some future titles of course. If it's a bad purchase then I guess I can wait till tax day. Haha As for 3070 there is an FE BNIB for $700 however. Comparable to 2080 Ti, then VRAM just lacking and the clocks?
  4. So I sold m old 1070 Ti I now have a $600 budget. Looking to get a 3060 Ti. The SKUs available right now are. Asus KO, Asus Dual, gigabyte eagle, MSI gaming trio. So just wanted also to make sure since I play at 1440p, stream and record (when the stars align) will these cards be good I don't want low graphical settings either, cause I would also like to experience ray tracing & DLSS. I don't know much about versions of GPUs I usually always go EVGA but none available. System Specs In sig.
  5. Yes however cheapest I could find constantly while still available is $700 for 3070 and about $600 for 3060 Ti. Could 3060 Ti be an issue with high settings, ray tracing & DLSS gaming at 1440P 144hz?
  6. Understandable, and yes as @sub68 said sennheiser has the best mic on headset around as far as I know. My sister has them and my dad and they are great like quality is very close to my quadcast which is almost unfair. Astro A50 sounds pretty good too sound and mic but pricey as can be, so IMO not worth it. HyperX has been my favorite headset, cozy as any I've used I'm on a 3rd hyperX headset, from cloud II. As far as music and gaming they are crisp and detailed for positional accuracy with great bass. Alpha S my new favorite right now. For wireless Flight S or cloud II is great. Technie
  7. I can get a 3060 Ti eagle or ftw3 for $600 right now cheapest I could find still available. I just don't know. Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it.
  8. Ah, yes well I just keeping an eye out on hardware swap for 3060 Ti or 3070. I can get $220 out of my 1070 Ti right now plus $350 I have now so only thing is luck. Seeing it first and first PM the seller will see. Do you know if the 3060 Ti overclocked meet the 3070 out of box performance? Maybe just go for 3070 cause ray tracing? Waiting I don't really care about as I could always sell it again if it is that far of an upgrade to make.
  9. I'm finding some decent deals on a 3060 Ti & occasionally 3070. Just wondering if my current specs are "up to snuff" enough to be good to go for the GPU upgrade. Which GPU would recommend otherwise if not them. Price budget is $650 (stimulus ) Current Main Specs: Ryzen 9 3900x ASUS TUF X570 32GB 4x8GB 3200mhz EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 1000W 80+ Gold EVGA G3
  10. Since it was working previously I assume the OS is installed. I recommend turning it on pressing the "del" key if you do get in to the bios (depending on motherboard) look for the "boot menu" or "boot priority". Main reason usually is drives boot order is incorrect. One of those drive should have the word "windows" or whatever OS you have installed. That drive should be in spot "0" or "1" also should be top of the boot menu. After that is correctly positioned, save changes & reset.
  11. HyperX IMO. Never used a better "headset" I've tried many and nothing is as comfortable. Detachable mic and no need to use as I have a stand alone mic as well.
  12. So my local micro center has got a Red Devil 6800, RTX 3060 Ti & RTX 3070 TUF in stock today. Which of these should I go for today? Currently running and 3900x and GTX 1070 Ti. Best for performance with games as cyberpunk (I guess) as well as others like "Control" haven't played either because I wanted the RT experience.
  13. Oh I thought they would be now. Some newer games now demanding at least, a 1060/1080.
  14. EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 with an OC. Served me so well (still is for now) since I bought it in August 2018.
  15. I mean as post colors going to boot checking components as above. As @jutrasmobile said, not a good thing to have it in single channel configuration. Also is it the photo or is the top of the DRAM slots down or up? Looks up to me.
  16. Fans are weirdly set up the "x" is the way the air goes. If you're going out the top of the chassis then you're good. So does the ram light up or no? If not try one stick at a time. I had a dead ram stick out of a brand new kit before which caused me the same issue. Also when booting are the lights on the side of the board sticking on any color?
  17. I do have D.O.C.P. set at 3200mhz (which what my memory is on box) and 1600 flck
  18. Yeah, I did set that in bios. I don't use ryzen master anymore just HWinfo for things like that when testing, which I read is accurate as of last update. I can say my system boots faster then spinning windows loading 3 times.Now don't even see it spin before desktop like when I had my intel, which is nice to see or not see I suppose. Hah. Will keep trying voltage things just slowly not to damage anything I never overclock this chip as setting frequency or voltage I just kept offset for lower temps for higher clock boosts. Cinebench score went up about 200 or so points so some benef
  19. Yes I do stream and game from one system I'm 1usmus power plan (Performance I guess cause its 99%min-100%max cpu) I'll try ryzen performance too and yes that sounds like an excellent program. Will be getting that. Thanks for the information too. For the heavy load and light load, appreciate it, Makes more sense that way. Yes, about the offset I think releasing a little will give me better performance I may holding it back. I do have a nice cooler so might as well.
  20. Right well since post I've ran prime 95 small fft for about 30 minutes and occt all sets 20 minutes each and about the same as previous. About 4.1-4.25Ghz. So in game should be about the same I assume due to 4.2 constant in most games. I am wondering however if the offset on the Vcore would mess with the boost clocks with what i have changed and adjusted in the bios?
  21. So I was reading a article today that I realized I didn't have any AMD power plan options so as of now I've updated AMD chipset drivers and my motherboards bios. Now I have 4. I've done this; - .10 offset vcore, cause I've always had that since build. After reading this this is where I'm at. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/1usmus-custom-power-plan-for-ryzen-3000-download.html I'm now using that power plan with these bios settings Global C-state Control = Enabled Power Supply Idle Control = Low Current Idle CPPC = Enabled CPPC
  22. You can always set 0.1 offset does wonders on my 3900x when idle. Ramps up and boosts fine in games with temps in check always.
  23. You can offset - 0.1 works wonders on temps and voltage.
  24. Kraken I hear is good never experience with it though. EK-AIO is really good as well. Forgot about that one. I've had the EVGA, EK and a deepcool. For me though (different situations depend) the EK and EVGA were about 5-8c difference on a delidded i7 7700K OC at 5.0ghz at 1.33v idle around 30c, under full load never hit above 65c.