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  1. Bought mine on reddit for $650 in January. Maybe $850 or so now.
  2. I've had problems once or twice main problem was a black screen like display active but black on a build I was doing for someone else with the same motherboard I use. So not to sure if a motherboard could be messing with the OS. As fixed by just getting new Media Creation Tool. This is how I install OS a haven't had problem since what I mentioned. Do a new clean install of windows and do not connect to internet during installation. Disable all "spyware" if you want some of them for your use then go ahead enable some, then connect to the internet via Ethernet cable or Wi
  3. Grab a new media creation tool and reinstall fresh again. While installing don't connect to the internet until at desktop the run updates there should be quite a bit. I ran into a complete black screen last time I did this connected to the internet. This is how I install windows on all my systems I build.
  4. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/X3MWht for 1080p 60 fps fortnite. Still under $1000. 1030 not sure its enough for 60 even at low graphical setting. if you can swing another $200 or wait for it then get a 1660 super. You can add the DVD/CD optical drive if you want with the build I listed though.
  5. Yeah? We know the power! lol. I believe you were the one who recommended them to me instead of going the "gaming" route. Still hard to believe what a game changer they are.
  6. I used a gaming headset for a long time just didn't even connect the mic to it. I always had a standalone/desktop mic. However nothing "special" but since you don't need the mic might go with headphones instead be a better option anyways. The ones I have and was recommended to me was the Fidelio X2HR and they are very good the ear cushions are not only big they are memory foam Even better with an dac/amp combo. Not like you need it though to get the loudness out of them. The Sound Blaster G5 amp is what I'm using with them and fits my PC so well.
  7. Check out the "Creative Pebble V2" are what I've been using since my build (after mini soundbar died) and I think they sound really good for the price on amazon. Also under my monitor if thats what your wanting. Otherwise then the yes Mackie CR for sure.
  8. All I just know is I need 16 so I'll try that one. Thanks for the information still helpful.
  9. I just downloaded a Java 16 This one here in the photo. I'm doing this for a MCServer once everything is ready for 1.17 (spigot, paper, client and plugin mods) 2 questions: Is the right way to do it or any easier way to just install and be done like the older java 8 versions? Can I uninstall 8 and still run my 1.16.5 MCServer on java 16?
  10. CPU overclock should be fine I believe just I've had crashes before on my intel system but that was Vcore low than it should be. I don't know about mining on cards except my old 1070 Ti was mined on when I bought it off someone on reddit. Was really well kept temp wise and undervolted. P2 states on or off really don't make anything near significant changes in performance synthetic or real world uses. When I have unsolvable issues (with GPU) I DDU as last resort. At stock/out of box settings do you still crash in games? Tried that?
  11. Does it happen with no overclock? GPU/CPU
  12. I do just making sure I everything right before hand. I'm to familiar with anything networking. More software and hardware. Matter of fact saying defective Ethernet controller sounds like the real answer after all this time. Thanks for all your help. I'll try this and edit this post or solved if it is the issue I'm having.
  13. So instead of motherboard use this?
  14. Do I download these? Any recommended?
  15. No spare NIC all just built in. Yes all brand new Ethernet cables. Twice I've done this. Local area connection is my VPN and all PCs are using the Realtek. What do you mean by dangerous? Didn't reply quick earlier, cause it happened...
  16. I have on PC (that when turned on) would knock out the internet & the router would reset and keeping resetting itself trying to get it connection back, 2 other PCs never had an issue since the build. Also the router is from spectrum cable company if that matters. Things I've done to fix this: Factory reset router Replaced Router (8 Times) Replaced Ethernet Cables Properly Re-grounded Power cables throughout the house (The Ethernet cables to the router were getting feedback and vice-versa) Tried turning it on by itself with no other PC on.
  17. Yes, I know, didn't say they were quality in that sentence. Meaning as in his currently doesn't have any.
  18. Yes it can and all PSU using one that has an 80+, bronze, silver, gold, titanium, or platinum are always better then none. I've been using a EVGA G3 1000w 80+ gold since June 2017 went I built my system and no issues. There is plenty of brands however with good quality. 650w should be perfectly fine. Gets the most "watts" you can within budget so that way if you actually needed more power you have it in the future if you upgrade your system and hardware so save you money there.
  19. Is your volume 100%? I have just ordered this headset so I can't say quite yet. I know some razer headset had the same problem. For the mic on the razer ones I use a noise removal such as Nvidia broadcast. It's quite strong but it picks up very well only when speaking. Also can try adjust in the software in your case blue voice. If there are noise gate options. You'll have to play with to get exactly where your voice is. I have a very soft one myself so took me over an hour in OBS. Haha As well as what @TheCoder2019 has said.
  20. EVGA CLC 240, 280, or 360 (like mine) Never had an issue since day one. Lian Li are very good I hear. Corsair too These are the easiest to set up/install so far I've used.
  21. Yeah everything runs max with ray tracing and all. Sometimes I do random FPS drops to around 10FPS where I have restart the game (only CODCW as far as know haen't played much else) then it's fine. Alright thank you.
  22. So I opened Precison X1 today and did a firmware update (3070 XC3 Ultra) now it's asking to update my Vbios. I heard someone had bricked their card by doing this. Anyone know if its actually safe or not? Everything is at stock nothing in Nvidia control panel messed with yet. Here is an image if needed. All my cards and years with PCs never seen this before.
  23. The second build. Better processor (I like the chassis) and decent card besides the 6GB of VRAM but not to important right now. From I remember from 1070Ti to 2060. Was about 3% difference, certain games more or less FPS. Primarily gaming build right?
  24. Clear Cmos Is it possible to test in another system? To make sure it's not the GPU. Hopefully not a DOA situation is all. As the 2080Ti is making it post perfectly fine.
  25. DDU and put new GPU in? What I did for 1070 Ti to a 3070