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Steam remote play fractured image


Trying to get remote play to work to stream from my tower to a less powerful laptop in the other room. Problem is the resolution is broken. 


I've set the resolution on the tower to be 1080 (same as laptop) and disabled the other monitors (it is a curved monitor if that matters) I also changed the scaling modes with no success. 

It streams just fine to my iPad with the steam link app .

Also tried putting both in big picture mode and still it comes out broken in the stream. I'll include a picture of how the image is broken. Hoping someone else experienced the same issue and found a solution. 

I still need to try the customize setting in forum but it was missing last night 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Under remote play settings I did try dynamic adjust and change desktop resolution to match with no success image.thumb.png.86eadefbf266a3242918c8cf2a41dcc5.png




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