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New gaming mouse (laptop set-up). Use Razer Deathadder V2 but it's sadly dying.

Hello there,


I'm new to this forum (long time LTT watcher tho). So hopefully I'm doing this like it is supposed to be used.


I'm (sadly) a laptop gamer (3070 mobile + AMD Ryzen 7 6800H, Lenovo). Playing mainly a lot of FPS & story games. My other periphal is a SteelSeries Nova Pro headset. My hands are slightly bigger then average I believe.


I'm a fan of the razer deathadder. But after being a bit too rough with it a couple of times (yes, gamer rage) it now randomly disconnects for like half a second every now and then. Quite annoying when you are just in a battle.


So I wish to treat myself to a new mouse (hopefully a solid upgrade). After looking into it myself my current options would be:

  • Razer Deathadder V3

Just an straight upgrade to my old V2. Sadly no RGB, that's the only downgrade

  • Razer viper mini Signature Edition

Most premium option. Slight worry that it's smaller then I'm used to. Also most expensive one and kinda hard to get

  • Logitech G pro X superlight 2

Bigger & more affordable option to the viper mini SE. Never used logitech products before. Some of my friends aren't big fans of Logitech. They say all of their products have downsides (worse sensors, fragile, bad scrolling wheel.) Not sure if they are correct. But it makes less likely to choose them.

  • Other Razer mouse

I did enjoy my razer mouse and my friends also have good experiences with them. A couple of options would be: Basilisk V3 (pro), Viper ultimate & viper 8k or the wireless deathadders.

  • SteelSeries mouse

Have no experience with their mice. But I've heard there aerox mice are pretty nice. Which one would be the best one to get?


Thanks in advance


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