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Home wifi randomly becomes flaky


Hello all.

Me and my family are using an Amplifi Alien Wifi router home wifi, as well as managing some wired clients. Recently we have been having some issue with it, the 2 main issues have been...


1- For a day the router's ram was randomly filling up and then would crash, dropping our entire internet until it finished the reboot. this has since ceased but we are not sure what caused it in the first place. we have a theory that it was an airport time capsule being used as a managed switch in our basement entertainment center, as the issue ceased when we disconnected it. but as to why it would be causing it is unknown


2- we use a decent amount of homekit devices, using a rasberry pi running hoobs to control most of it. however we keep having devices randomly disconnect and not respond, then reconnect. The biggest problem devices are some Logitech Circle View Cameras. We have a total of 63 wireless devices and 11 wired devices on the network. the main communication hub also switches devices occasionally. usually the apple tv in our living room (connected with ethernet to our main switch in the basement) is supposed to be the main hub. it randomly switches to our master bedroom apple tv thats only connected to wifi with poor connection. 


We just want the homekit devices to become stable


the amplifi router has an option to enable an IoT network, but we are unsure of whether it will cause us to not be able to connect through homekit from a separate network


What we have tried- 


- updated homekit architecture to the latest release

- disabled some 802.11 r,k,v settings 

- hoobs is always up to date

- spun up a 2.4ghz wifi to try and migrate some devices to it, but not continued too far

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