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Server build for plex and experiments

Budget (including currency): 1500USD

Country: USA

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Plex, media download stack

Other details

So, I repurposed my old gaming PC to be a media downloader, running docker containers for all the arr programs and a few others to support it. It worked okay, but my hardware was limiting my speed, I want more storage capacity, and I was running it on ubuntu. I want to toy around with unRaid as my foundation. I want to keep my old PC as a gaming rig, potentially rehousing it in a rackmount case to go with the server I want to build, and experiment with hardware passthru later on, creating a "gaming VM" with parsec or similar. My debate is spend money on a prebuilt server I find on labgopher, or use consumer parts something like this:



With a case like this:



My old PC, if curious, is this setup:



With regards to the hardware passthru idea, it was mostly inspired by the LTT video on 2 gamers 1 PC. I would like to try it, but my current hardware runs 99% of what I want it to, so it would likely just be a temporary experiment.


Key points for the whole project:

  • Lots of storage capacity
  • Room for upgrades
  • Hot swappable drives
  • Fit a full size GPU
  • Run arr programs buttery smooth
  • SSD cache for unRaid
  • Cannot initially scavenge old PC parts. Need to transfer existing media from old server ==> new server before taking old server offline
  • Phase out my small 4tb drives for something larger, like 10tb's i.e. flexible file format.
  • Parts list is not an inclusive list of everything needed, just examples


I'll be unavailable to reply for a couple of weeks, but I'll definitely be following up on what y'all have to say.

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