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Work/Game Monitor Recommendation - Easy on eyes




For work I have a new 15 or 16" Macbook Pro and connect it to a 34" Monoprice 'Dark Matter'. When I compare the screens for the same image, the Macbook's display feels noticeably sharper and easier to read. The external monitor isn't bad, but the edges of text and graphics feel "soft". I'm not sure how to describe the difference here so I hope that helps. Why is this - is it the display type, coating, drivers, something else? I love the size and form factor of this ultra-wide monitor but it feels like I could do better which I why I'm here looking for recommendations. Usage is 95% work (lots of reading code/text) and 5% gaming/personal projects.


What I'm looking for:

  1. Top priority: easy to read/clear like the 'ProMotion' display on my Macbook
  2. Ultrawide preferred
  3. 34-39"
  4. <$600 - willing to consider more, up to $900 if a noticeable improvement
    1. Used equipment is fine
  5. > 90hz

Current monitor: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=42772


PS, this would be an interesting video for all the WFH folks.


Thanks for your time!

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