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PC random restarts and games crashing




I have a weird problem that i partly fixed. First issue was a LOT of BSODs in pretty much any game (benchmarks not failing, all of them passed) and i fixed it by replacing CPU cooler. I had some random ASUS AIO 240mm and CPU temps were around 60°C while gaming. New cooler is AMD Wraith Prism and CPU temps while gaming are higher, around 65-70°C. Do anybody knows why i was getting BSODs with old cooler despite lower temps?

Second problem is that now some more demanding games are crashing, but not like any other crash. Game runs fine, but after a while i starts to lose textures and then game freezes. If the game is on system SSD (Samsung 970 Pro 500GB), the PC just restarts, if the game is on second SSD (Samsung 970 EVO+ 1TB), it will crash into Windows, but i can't launch any other game from that SSD until restart. Also sometimes my HDD (4TB Seagate) stops detecting and makes weird noises. After restart runs fine without any problems and test shows no problems at all. Could it be bad PSU? I have R7 3700X, 32GB RAM, RTX 3080 and PSU is Chieftec A90 750W (several years old).

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