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QNAP NAS possibly used for streaming/recording?

Today at work we were clearing an office that a client had moved out of, and they said that any IT equipment left there was free to take. As I was sifting through the random devices i found an unopened QNAP TVS-1282T3-i7-32G NAS. After bringing it to my bosses attention he graciously gave it to me as we don't have any need for it at work. I don't have any experience working with a NAS, however looking at the specs I noticed it is compatible with windows 10 and has a i7-7700 CPU and 32Gb of ram. My question is "in theory" would it be possible to use this device in a dual PC setup with OBS if I installed windows 10. I know its probably not a typical way to go but free hardware is free hardware IMO.

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