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dont know how to port forward with my router

So, basically my router(TP Link Archer C5) cannot port forward properly since my ISP has given us a private IP. Ive seen people online say that VPN's do work but i cant find a VPN that supports Port forwarding with a router that has a private ip, So if anyone knows a VPN that does support this please tell me or if you know another method to port forward even with a private IP please do tell me that too

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Here's a list of VPNs that are supposed to support it:


The article's wording is… somewhat non-technical and marketing laden, so not sure how accurate their information is.


As an alternative, you could rent a server on the internet and then set up your own VPN (or alternatively an SSH tunnel). You can then forward incoming connections to your PC. Though that will require a fair bit of technical know-how about networking.

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