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Dockingstation with dual 4k 60hz support with hdmi / Displayport as input

Hello guys, 


your friendly neighbourhood retard here.

So I have dual 4k 60 hz monitors that I would like to interchange (with peripherals ofc) with my work laptop.

The problem is that my motherboard only has a gen 2 usb-c out and my GPU only has hdmi and displayport outs. 

Furthermore, I have a small case (meshlicious) with an rtx 3090 in it, which requires me to use an anlged cable to connect to my graphicscard. 

This makes it troublesome to find an displayport to usb-c angled cable... xD (if my only option is to go with an displayport to usb-c i could certainly make that work aswell)


1. Can I use my Gpu out even for a dockingstation 


2. Do most dockingstations just support hdmi/display out as input ?



If there are anymore questions, I'll be glad to further elaborte. 


Thanks in advance for answers. :)

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