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LiveKernevelEvent 141 hardware error driver nvlddmkm


I have been fighting this problem for over 2 weeks and couldn't find a solution.


What happens is, individual windows of applications turn black then like reload. This, other than being annoying, also breaks websites, ruins projects, stops videos from reproducing. It happens to all windows: browsers, Photoshop, file explorer etc... This also happens to the whole screen as well sometimes. Flashing. But the flashing is not continuous. It happens one time only and that's it. Later it will show up again.


Every single game is also guaranteed to crash. With Bo3, hitman 3 crashing 3 seconds after loading a map. Sometimes they crash before that too. It's not a problem with these games, everything presents the exact behaviour.


Linux pop os did not have windows flashing, but games are still crashing the exact same way as they do on windows. 3D mark's benchmarks fail aswell.


I tried a TON of things. I reinstalled windows 11 13 times, switched to Linux, tried different nvidia drivers but nothing. Keep in mind, there are no window message errors when this happens. All there is is a "hardware error live kernel 141" error on windows security and maintenance.


Because windows says that, and I already tried all that could be done software wise (trust me on that), I went head and started dealing with my hardware. Because it's a video issue, I thought my gpu was broken, so I swapped it (a 3060) with my old 1060. After cleaning the old drivers and making the card work, for a bit it seemed like it was working but the, games crashing again. Same behaviour.


Then a user suggested me it could be the PSU to be causing issues. So I swapped it aswell with my old one and the issue is still happening.


When using 3d mark the time spy gpu test is always unable to finish, crashing after about 5 seconds. But then I ran the stress test with 20 laps, and it was able to finish. However, at some point the monitor seemingly lost signal and everything was black. It remained like this for about 20 seconds, the resumed and finished the test.


So if drivers aren't the issue, the issue is said to be hardware related by windows and the gpu isn't it and the psu isn't it aswell, what is it? It always happens when the GPU gets to 100% power usage, but changing drivers or gpu never fixed anything.


Then I ran two tests on the ram, one with window's own diagnostic tool and the other with mem test. Neither of them reported one single error. There aren't any weird artifacts, no weird colored lines, no missing pixels or anything like that. Just applications/games crashing in the form of blackscreens, sometimes recovering and sometimes not.


I think the most interesting suggestion I have read was to check the power strip and make sure all the power is going in. Sadly, changing power strip didn't do anything. Perhaps my energy provider is providing less power as a result of war to save on resources? Or maybe it's just some weird ass bug either from nvidia, windows or steam, which would explain why time spy isn't crashing on its standalone no steam version? But then how is it that nobody but me is having this and that everybody insists that everything is fine with no single thread asking for help at the same time?


This issue has been eating me alive and so far not one single user on the internet was able to figure this one out.

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