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Looking for a bios for the Toshiba Tecra S5

So I recently found a Tecra S5 but it wasnt on in years since it's charger was missing but when I bought a charger for it and turned it on I was horrified when the bios showed up for setup since I could tell it was supposed to be in English but it also was not since words Like HDD are now "H@D" and a lot of other things such as continue is now "qonji@ue" so I could tell it was corruted, and I thought that isnt a big problem I'll just find a bi... and I litteraly cant find on anywhere I looked on the official sites, but no luck there (even the archive.org versions) I looked on third-party sites but no luck there so I'm asking here if anybody has a copy of that bios or knows a site that still hosts the bios I would be delighted if you would send me a link or a file. 

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