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My cpu was overclocked and now it wont boost to factory clock


Posted (edited)

so i have a ryzen 5 2600 and i overclocked it with ryzen master to 4.1ghz(i watched a vid on yt)but then it started crashing so i just let it run at its normal speeds but i saw that it isnt boosting,it should boost to 3.9ghz from 3.6ghz but max it goes is 3.7ghz,i set it to 3.9 which is factory max boost but it just crashes the system,i tried 3.8ghz and in ryzen master clicked apply and test but it isnt stressing the cpu,temps dont go up and utilization is at 100%,now im concerned that maybe the mother chipset is going bad or the cpu is faulty(the motherboard is AsRock b450m hdv r4.0)

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