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Help, games crash randomly GPU-CPU problem

Hello, I update the drivers of the iGPU and GPU of my notebook, I was using them without ever updating and since then games like GTA5 and LoL have been crashing while playing randomly.

I use throttlestop to lover the power consuption.

I notice an important increase in FPS (+40%).


I play all at 720p.


Notebook model:

HP 15-DA0012LA [3PX37LA]

i7 8550u

NVidia MX130 2gb

8gb RAM single channel

256gb SSD sata


I changed the thermal paste 3 months ago, and cleaned the fan.

Power plan: High Performance.

NVidia control panel: all low, power consuption set to MAX or Optimal. FPS both locked at 60.





Thanks in advance for your time! <3


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Your undervolt is not stable. You have a Nvidia GPU so set the Intel GPU and iGPU Unslice back to default, +0 mV. If that does not solve the problem then reduce the cache undervolt to -50 mV. 


When you decide to lower the turbo ratios, you usually have to lower the amount of your undervolt to maintain 100% stable. 

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