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ddr3 ram ic choice

ill be buying tonight or tomorrow, main requirements are scaling upto 2.46v, actually benifiting from that kind of volt, and running 2200mhz. im gonna replace my rev f stick cause apparently it scales to 2.46v it just sucks ass at timings and id rather not buy more garbage ics. It will be a 1x3 config for triple channel so 1gbit ics



Im stuck with 4 choices, elipda bdse, micron d9gtr/s/n, samsung rev d, and unknown rebrand ics on some rando rcm ram


D9 should scale to 2.46v easy for all i know but timings are kinda lackluster compared to elpida hypers


Samsung rev d looks pretty decent at 1.8v so if it scales to 2.46v id assume itd be better than the micron ics, and i have a feeling if my rev f generic ram scales to 2.46v then this will prob do the same


Elpida bdse looks to time pretty well at 1.9v but according to extremesystems ddr3 ic thread it only scales to 1.9v, if it can scale to 2.46v it would look to be a pretty respectable ic maybe matching or beating samsung rev d, im mainly focusing on this ic due to timings


The odd choice is some generic rcm rams, only reason its here is i can get 1x3 for 3$ whereas elpida stuff is at 5$ and micron is at 4$ so pretty much exempt from amy requirements cause if its that dirt cheap and i sell it off cause theyre garbage then i wont be losing much, also curious on these unknown ics and overclocking shenanigans cause they seem to be rather common in my area so maybe i can help some fellow ppl that happen to have these rams since ics are unknown, heres some photos of the ram incase someone may be able to identify the ics




No this is not for daily, just maximum performance shenanigans

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