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Problem with installing oculus quest 2 software on pc


I do know that this isnt a vr website but reddit wont respond so... Im getting a quest 2 for my self and its gonna arive in 2 days, so i want so get my pc ready: installing software and games. but the problem is that i CAN'T install the deam software. I talked to the oculus support guys and they said that it's a windows11 thing and that there software doesn't work on windows11 yet. But it has come to my atenniton while looking online there are a lot of people that have the legit software on windows 11. Can somebody tell me what to do. It tells me to restart my pc and try again and i have tried to restart my pc 4 times and it didn't work.

Screenshot 2021-12-02 183819.png

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Will probably not help much but as a data point I'm on Win11 and had no issues installing with the "OculusSetup" installer. 


Got any antivirus software? Seems some had issues with one blocking the install. A little search points to this too:



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