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MSI 970a-G43 Plus poor nvme speed

I have a 970a-G43 Plus motherboard with 8 gb of ram running Windows 10. I bought a PCIE card to install a CT250P5ssd8 

m.2 nvme  drive. Although there has been some discussion about how it was impossible to boot from this drive without a bios hack

I am having no problem doing so. But this older mother board doesn't have a pcie gen 3 slot just gen 2 slots so know it won't be

as fast as if I had gen 3 slots but still I expected it to be faster than it is. It seems to only be about 50% faster than my CT120Bx500

SSD. So is my poor speed probably just due to the pcie 2  limitation or is there anything else to look at. Oh there is an bios update

available but it  only addresses some power issue so I doubt that is relevant. Are there any cheap motherboards offering native nvme

support that would let me reuse my AMD Athlon  2  X4 processor and ddr3 memory ?

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there are, but you're going to have to hunt to find them.  


But PCI-E Gen 3 is only about 50% higher transfer than Gen 2.  That's not your limitation.


But what you're running into, more likely, is shared PCI-E lanes.  If 16 lanes are going to the GPU, there aren't enough left, so the chipset shares out bandwidth to other PCI-E slots and other devices, including SSDs.

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