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Hey LTT-Crew!


Nowadays there are many Cloud Gaming platforms. Being blessed with an old but still strong computer, I want to assume those possible comforts in my home.

My setup is my PC (debian bullseye) and a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) connected via (m)HDMI to my TV. Both are wired up in 1Gbit.


What I'm trying to do is to stream Games from my PC to the RPI4, i.e. to the TV.
I know the RPI is capable of playing 4k videos, so I thought a 1080p game can't be too hard when the PC does the calculations.


The road so far:
- RDP -> Works better than expected, but not good enough to reach the "acceptable"-mark.

- X11 -> completely fluent for everything but gaming and videos

- Steam -> Quality-wise exactly what I'm looking for, but it has the downside off mirroring the screen. This is somewhat important as I would like for the PC to be usable while I'm playing.

So in essence, I'm looking for something between X11 and Steam's remote play.

I'm looking forward to read your ideas!

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You can use https://parsec.app/downloads on your pi. 

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