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  1. As someone who has worked for them. I can tell you that we try not to damage the package, but we have no control over the flow that comes our way. Many packages get damaged when there is a "Door Buster" and the Extendo get packed to the brim. What is this Door Buster? (I call it this but it has a different name) When a bunch of packages gets routed your way. (The image below give you a hint what i mean) Amazon will no longer use UPS in the near future. Amazon makes a total of 5% shipping volume for the United Parcel Service(UPS). Also, good for them, lo
  2. What the heck is that? It looks heavy and big to fit on the pocket.
  3. How many pots and what features will this stove have? ontopic: So four cameras uh?
  4. Your CPU is the bottleneck. Upgrade to something with a bit for power.
  5. It will use the intel baked in gpu. ontopic: If you want to use a Graphics card use AMD. Nvidia no longer supports mac os .
  6. Well it was nice while it lasted. Would interresting to see what the studio has to say about this.
  7. https://streamable.com/5nrkzz link to video for those who don't want to download.
  8. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/19/tech/apple-stock-two-trillion-market-value/index.html Yeah? They reached 2 trillion in worth
  9. Apple is now worth $2 trillion. More at 11 

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      how are oranges doing in the stock market?

    2. Den-Fi


      That's pretty Epi―  oh wait...

  10. Nvidia: Sorry but Lungs are in demand right now. But we'll take them for free. OT: Damn!!! That price tag if its true.
  11. What is the size of the storage? We need more info.
  12. Spectrum (LA County) : 200/10 $45 (Promotional) then $70 (Who know if this will stick) 400/20 $65 (Promotional) then $90 (^) All of these is due to COVID-19 and not really competition from frontier. Frontier Fios (Fiber) "Not really reliable due to company mishandle and service outages" : 50/50 29.99 (+9.99 router, 3.99 surge free + tax + install) without the install bs 44.xx 500/500 39.99 (+9.99 router, 3.99 surge free + tax)+ install total price without install bs 54.8x Frontier is the worst offender in this category with all the BS th
  13. Hmm, close enough. Cat 8 is split into two with 2000mhz Cat 8.1 which goes up to 25GB Cat 8.2 which goes up to 40GB Source: https://www.cablesandkits.com/learning-center/what-are-cat8-ethernet-cables
  14. If you have android you can install this https://vanced.app/ for youtube.
  15. If you are going to game. You might want to go with 16 GB of ram. As for Video card, what is your target (Example: 1080p 144hz)? Edit: Also post your power supply wattage.
  16. Riot Games is owned by Tencent and 40% of epic games is also owned by the company. Other things to mention
  17. RBG Face mask...


    How does one even wash this? 

    1. Bombastinator


      Unplug it from its battery.  Then it’s just wire.  My concern is the flashing one could be taken as a “punch here” indicator.  I’m not fond of the throbbing one, but the flashing one is right out.

  18. If you ever want to try out different flavors of linux. You can use this site here https://distrotest.net/ , it will run a vm on the browser.
  19. https://geni.us/lttsponsors/opt/0?iguid=Djsj4v1aak6jP0BPZMp8pA PIA is good. Link that i got from here https://geni.us/lttsponsors and mainly here