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Hello. I would like to ask if ryzen 5 3500x can handle 4.4ghz. I tried it in the program amd ryzen master on 4.4 ghz 1.4375voltage and it worked, even during stress test and I want to ask if it is safe to have the processor overclocked so as not to damage the motherboard I have gigabyte aorus b450 pro ram hyperx 2x8gb 3200mhz cl16 (overclocked to 3600mhz) and the cpu was 53 degrees at 4.4 ghz during the stress test 

but I never overclocked ryzen only intel I watched the videos and there it did via vcore but I don't know how much to put there to make it have a value of 1.4375voltage on the intel I just put how much voltage to put but on ryzen it hold does it differently please advice and thank you in advance for the answer




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I would say no. Idk what the performance benefits are but you are borderline on the red zone. I wouldn’t recommend this voltage for 24/7 use. If you just want to beat a score or something sure, it’s safe but in the long time you will degrade the silicone. Also I am guessing you got 4.4 on all cores. In gaming at least you will probably harm you performance because you cpu won’t use xfr to boost a single core more than the spec.

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