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    I7 7700k
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    ASRock Z270 Killer SLI
  • RAM
    Corsair 8 gb 2133Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus RX 460 4gb
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    Plextor 256gb nvme m.2
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    Inter-tech 620w
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    Philips 21.5 inch 1080p
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    Razer Kraken v2
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    Windows 10 workstation pro

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  1. Honestly i would go for the 5800x. It already has pcie 4.0 and should work fine because it not first gen. Not sure how much the 5 ghz will boost your fps. That’s a gamble rn.
  2. If you are not interested in aftermarket fans for quieter operation like some noctua fans, I recommend getting some “original” fans from a seller with good reviews
  3. I don't know how profitable are the 1070s. Considering you have to spend $50 on a pus or maybe more and let's say $5 for an adapter, idk. You might be able to get more for the gpus on eBay if you sell them. I am pretty sure you can get $500 for both. Maybe get an Xbox? Edit: you can get way more for them. On eBay I can see just one for 400
  4. This is so helpful, thanks.
  5. Hey, probably next week I will go to buy a second hand rift. Is there anything I should be aware of? Are there problems that usually happen to rifts? Broken cables or stuff like that? Is there anything that I should check?
  6. One more question, if I already have a oculus account can I use it with the rift without making a Facebook account?
  7. Not sure what full scale means. I will play on a 3 by 3 meters room
  8. I am not interested in the rift s because 80hz. The oculus quest 2 is more expensive than a second hand vive . Welcome to Europe ig
  9. I finally decided to get into vr. After some research I would like to get the oculus rift or a htc vive. What should I get. I must add that the htc vive is $100 more expensive than the rift. Can someone tell me the pros and cons?
  10. Do this technology have a name? Do you know if it has support in Linux?
  11. So first of all, the laptop has 2 gpus. The igpu which is a Radeon something something and an rtx 2060. Second of all, idc if it's hard, that is my problem. Also I was asking if it has Optimus because Optimus is kinda not really supported on Linux because Nvidia. Linus (not ltt Linus) publicly stated that nvidia is a pain in the butt. So back to my main question, because 7 is an odd core number, does it affect performance or it would work fine?
  12. I have a laptop running a ryzen 4800h and I foul like run macos in a vm. How should I set up the cores? 6 for the os and 2 for the vm or 7 to the os and 1 to the vm? Also does ryzen have nvidia Optimus?
  13. I opened my asus tfu a15 to add a second ssd. I saw this sticker and I would like to know what is is. Is it intended to tell you "be careful this might be hot/might burn you" or it is a warranty sticker that leaves some mark when you remove it. I would like to know cuz I want to change the thermal paste with some T.G. Kryonaut.