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Questions regarding Migrating OS and software to M.2 SSD

Firstly: i have an Asus Fx553ve laptop which ive been using since 2018 for photoshop, illustrator, solidworks CAD, video editing and gaming stuff
In the past few months I have noticed my laptop's hard disk showing its age with awfully slow loading times and windows lagging way too much so am looking to move my windows to a 1tb m.2 ssd since my laptop does have a slot for the same
Since my work and home situation requires me to constantly move around with the laptop, from what my friends told me it might also improve the overall battery life so im looking forward to that too :D


My questions regarding this are:

1. How do i go about doing it? I've googled solutions but it shows softwares im not entirely sure of wanting to be installed on my system 
2. Will i be losing any data during the transfer? I have external hdd to store things but it would be better if i did not lose any of my data and installation registries
3. Will the existing hdd slow my gaming experience or improve it with my os on an ssd?
4. Should i get rid of my hdd once i transfer and buy another 2.5in ssd or hdd for storage of my work and studies stuff?
thanks in advance for the help!

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That laptop suppose to have m2 ssd out of the box. Are you referring to this. Or you actually having a regular hdd?


If you have m2 ssd, you can clone the new ssd, but you need a usb to m2 adapter.


If you have sata hdd all you need to do is plug the new (m2) ssd and just clone it.

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no it did not have an m.2 ssd out of the box, it just had a regular 1tb hdd. 
when i opened the back panel up i was surprised too it had an empty m.2 slot

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