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PC Windows 10, programs take forever to start

Ok, start w/ specs on my homebuild:
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus Hero XII w/ WIFI - just updated BIOS today

Windows 10 64bit

CPU: Intel Core i9 10900k

RAM: Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory - 2x 16G - XMP enabled

GPU: Gainward Phantom RTX 3090



PC boots fine and fast.  I can open programs with no issues, for about 45 seconds, maybe slightly longer.  After that when I try to open a program that isn't already running the system takes WAY too long.  Example is click on Firefox and opens window but remains at white background without opening tabs for over 1 minute.  Click on Chrome, nothing happens for 1-2 minutes then opens browser.  I can see the process started in Task Manager but nothing pops up forever.  Once the program is open it works fine and fast.

Worst thing is I can restart multiple times and it does this same problem, then restart again and it'll work perfectly.  Open, close, run, everything wonderfully.  Then if it gets restarted I get the same issues until it magically catches on one of the restarts.  I've turned off, left it for a while, restarted, nothing.  I've updated every driver and system I can think of and keeps doing this.  Ran antivirus (Bitdefender) and nothing.  Uninstalled antivirus, no change. I've messed with BIOS settings as much as I am comfortable with, which admittedly isn't too much.  Turn on/off XMP (1 and 2), turn on/off ASUS AI overclock, that kind of thing.


Anyone have any clue?  Are some of my parts not talking correctly? Thanks for any help or ideas.

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On what kind of Drive ?

First idea : reinstall W10. Any problem ? no, install apps, problem, no, continue installing apps...


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