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Building 1st water cooling loop

Budget & Location: >$1,500 USD

Aim: AAA gaming, modded MC

Monitors: 1x 2160p@144Hz

Peripherals: N/A

Why are you upgrading? Upgrading cooling system for new CPU/mobo




I have a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M case and 7x 140mm Noctua iPPC fans to start with, and I have provided a proposed parts list below.


Kindly requesting the internet's feedback/wisdom for mainly the "enabling components"; i.e. fittings, angle adapters, extenders, splitters, pass throughs, fill ports, plugs and et cetera that are kind of a mystery to me...  


My desired end-state is the pump/reservoir mounted to the bottom-rear of the front radiator, and a loop flow as follows (updated):

> pump/reservoir to CPU,

> CPU to top radiator,

> top radiator to GPU,

> GPU to front radiator, 

> front radiator to pump/reservoir.


(Very much like this Enthoo Pro M loop I found online, albeit with hardline tubing.) 


Somewhere in this I'd like to include the flow meter, a temperature sensor (not listed) and a logical/easy drain and refill point...  I am just unsure of the right mix of "enabling components" or what some of them even really do/why or how I would use them... 


Parts List:  (Subtotal, excl. tax, $1,260.70)

  • (Radiator) 2x EK-CoolStream SE 280 (Slim Dual)
  • (Pump/Reservoir) EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 PWM
  • (Pump/Reservoir Bracket) EK-UNI Pump Bracket (140mm FAN) Vertical
  • (GPU) EK-Quantum Vector FTW3 RTX 2080 Ti 
  • (GPU) EK-Quantum Vector FTW3 RTX 2080 Ti Backplate - Black
  • (CPU) EK-Quantum Magnitude - 20xx Full Nickel
  • (CPU) EK-Quantum Magnitude Accent - Black
  • (Flow Meter) EK-Loop Connect - Flow Meter
  • (Fluid Level Sensor) EK-Loop Connect Level Sensor TBE 60
  • (Controller) EK-Loop Connect (Fan/Pump/Temp/Flow/Level)


  • EK-Quantum Torque 6-Pack HDC 16 - Nickel
  • EK-Quantum Torque Rotary 45° - Nickel
  • EK-Quantum Torque Rotary 90° - Nickel
  • EK-AF Pass-Through G1/4 - Nickel
  • EK-AF Fill Port G1/4 - Nickel
  • EK-Quantum Torque Rotary T - Nickel
  • EK-Quantum Torque Plug w/Badge - Nickel


  • (Tubing) EK-Loop Hard Tube 16mm 0.5m - Acrylic (2pcs)
  • (Bending Tool) EK-Loop Modulus Hard Tube Bending Tool - 16mm
  • (Finishing Tool) EK-HD Tube Reamer
  • (Tool Kit) EK-HD Tube D.I.Y. Kit 10&12mm
  • (Fill Bottle) Filling Bottle (1000mL)
  • (Leak Test Kit) EK-Leak Tester

(Current setup below, not pictured w/ new CPU/mobo)



Edited by jrb0031
reduced text, clarified scope of question, updated parts list
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I wonder if Linus reads these things and is shaking his head about my AIO configuration rn? 🤔😂 If anyone from LTT sees this, I saw the roast, the whole thing, and it was GREAT! You should totally do it again.. heck, make it part of your annual office xmas party.. Also, Anthony or Riley, and/or Anthony and Riley, please do a cross-over episode about "WC loops: parts selection, how to build, and tips & tricks" pls 🙏

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UPDATED:  After further research, I have updated the post to significantly reduce the text information, clarify the scope of my question, and provide an updated parts list.. 

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Adjusted parts list based on the below.. At this point I am close to clicking buy and the rest will be discovery learning..


EDIT: Will use temp sensor in-line w/ loop, probably at radiator inlet post CPU/GPU (w/e is easier for cable routing to board)..

Edited by jrb0031
Updated loop/temp sensor
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