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  1. Apologies, it is the Thermaltake TF2 inline water temp and flow sensor.. Yes, ASUS Mobo
  2. Is TF2 data transferred to the mobo via the USB 2.0 power connector, and if so, is it useful for bios fan configuration-- or must this come directly from a t_sensor connection on the board?
  3. Adjusted parts list based on the below.. At this point I am close to clicking buy and the rest will be discovery learning.. EDIT: Will use temp sensor in-line w/ loop, probably at radiator inlet post CPU/GPU (w/e is easier for cable routing to board)..
  4. Budget & Location: >$1,500 USD Aim: AAA gaming, modded MC Monitors: 1x 2160p@144Hz Peripherals: N/A Why are you upgrading? Upgrading cooling system for new CPU/mobo //BREAK// I have a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M case and 7x 140mm Noctua iPPC fans to start with, and I have provided a proposed parts list below. Kindly requesting the internet's feedback/wisdom for mainly the "enabling components"; i.e. fittings, angle adapters, extenders, splitters, pass throughs, fill ports, plugs and et cetera that are kind of a mystery to me...